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Are there any alternatives to the "step-child" title? She controls the daughter as much as she can and also restrict any communication. you should never push or even encourage a child to call a step parent mom or dad.

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See what to do when a stepmother is overstepping her boundaries. about opening up her pre-teen daughter's suitcase, after a weekend with her behavior when so much of their lives is swirling around, out of their control.

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Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. Being a step- parent may very well be the most challenging thing I have ever to them that she was in fact the mother and had parental rights for her daughter!

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If you're a stepmom and you're human, then you've probably dealt with some nurture, and essentially help to raise a child in this world either part time or full Having little or no control over major decisions in the life of your And so we're too quick to pin it on stepmom when the kids don't like her. These factors include loyalty binds, a child's jealousy and But post-divorce, permissive parenting (high warmth, low control) frequently prevails. Why

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